High Technology & Online Political Campaigning

The Israeli hi-tech industry is well known as a world leader in the cutting edge of disruptive technologies. Moshe Peterburg began his career in Israel as an engineer at Motorola, and grew up to manage Motorola in Africa. With his vast experience and close affiliation with technology, Moshe Peterburg has the ability to identify emerging companies and growth potential. Utilizing this knowledge, Peterburg Holdings has invested throughout the years in both start-ups and established companies, adding considerable value to the firm’s portfolio. Amongst the most notable companies is Majoritas-an innovative world leading online political campaign platform. Majoritas is the only officially recognized partner of Facebook in the online politics platform sector and in the past 8 years has led the campaigns of 4 presidents, 7 prime ministers and 21 parties world-wide, proving undisputed online impact for candidates and truly revolutionizing the field.